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About You!

On your day the focus isn't on your flowers or the set up. It's a spotlight on you both and your love! 

I'm with you both for engagement pics and throughout the planning process. (I'll be real, I have my phone 90% of the time M-F.) You guys found cute Pinterest inspo? SEND IT! 


When you finally get to the big day, I'm there for you from the big smiles, the whispers of sweet nothings and even details removing that spec of fuzz on your jacket. Communication, Flexibility and Attention to Detail are my roots. 

Meditate on what your love is all about and it will illuminate through!

Is this your photographer?   Someone who 

 Fits your wedding vibe, vision and style. (This could be how the photographer edits and how they capture a story).

Values your relationship.

Is up for adventure rain or shine.


    Makes you feel comfortable, even if you're not a picture person.


    Has fun with you both and your crew!

If Yes, and feel we're a fit...


Why Invest in a Photographer?

Your wedding, engagement, or family moments are unique and can't be replicated. If these moments are of huge importance then you'll want someone who also values capturing those moments. It breaks my heart for those who just settle for lower expectations in photography and they look back with regret and disliking the images of the most important part of their lives. Your stories matter and you deserve the magic! Investing in a photographer means you're guaranteeing a great experience and being able to relive those epic moments! You deserve peace of mind. So don't just settle, choose lifelong lasting love!


I don't know how to act in front of the camera... what do I do? = No worries! I got you! I have a plethora of poses/ games for your sessions. I even play music :)

What do we wear? = Wear what is comfortable and also through the planning process I'll have examples to share.


 How long till we get pictures back? = Depending on my schedule I try to send weddings between 8-12 weeks and other portraits about 3 weeks.

Do we get printing rights? = Yes! Please print wherever you like. Just know all printing places are different and may cause images to have different coloring to them. I can help with recommendations. 



Some Tips & Tricks

  • If you don't know what to do during a photo I say, "When in doubt love it out!" Hugs, kisses, looking at each other. You can never go wrong with that saying.

  • In the instance you are looking for a location or a wedding ceremony spot always look where the sun will be at the time of shooting. I can help as well but if you are wanting to do the scouting you'll be so happy knowing where that light is. Your images will reflect that and thank you for it. 

  • What if you had a bad day or something came up. My tip for you would be we can always reschedule. It can be a different scenario for weddings. My goal is for you to feel confident and have fun! I'm here for you 1,000%.

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